Introductory Flights

Who are they for

- Anyone who has never flown or who has never flown in a small aircraft
- Former pilots who have been a long time out of the cockpit
- Current pilots that want an introduction to the Pipistrel aircraft
- Airplane pilots that want to experience soaring (or an inflight engine shutdown followed by a dead-stick landing)

What to Expect

- An introduction to your pilot
- Paperwork
- An introduction to the aircraft
- A 30-45 minute introductroy flight during which you are encouraged to operate the controlds and fly the aircraft


- PIPISTREL Sinus - A typical Mission - Cruising and Soaring
- Pipistrel Sinus Flex Demo
- Pipistrel Taurus Self Launch Glider, A closer look.

How to Schedule

Flights are offered at Boerne Texas (near San Antonio) and the Zeppherhills Airport in Zeppherhills Florida. Contact Us to schedule a flight.